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whenever you have a rough time in life , remember that this kid's life is ruined 

No Topic1 week ago By NoneOfMyBUSlNESS


  • j
    jetzullo-1 week ago

    No problem. That car would be gone in 20 minutes. Bus pass Birthday coming right up.

  • M
    MarlboromanMat-1 week ago

    She must make quite the charming dinner companion.

  • p
    pzummo-1 week ago

    No amount of money could ever make me spoil a child like that. Her parents are crippling her. And putting a burden on society.

  • D
    Dolewhipper-1 week ago

    i remember a show where a rich dad cut off his two spoiled children, that was great.

  • i
    imyourrealdad-1 week ago

    Abortion should be legal until the fetus is 18.

  • T
    TeideMan-1 week ago

    This bitch needs to be put in retail especially during weekends. They'd take the spoiled silly cunt out of her.

  • C

    The problem is the way shes gotten to this point is because of the way they have raised her, thats not going to change. So we want to (1/2)

  • b
    beherns12-1 week ago

    You people forget that these shows aren't reality. I'm sure she's a spoiled cunt but it has to be over embellished. Has to be. Right?

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  • C
    CamelSpotter-1 week ago

    There's a movie called God Bless America, where a guy with cancer finally snaps and kills one of these girls. The movie only gets better.

  • L
    LoNeSt4r-1 week ago

    I'd be mad if my parents got me an SC430 too

  • L

    What a horrible person she has grown up to be, shame on her parents for letting it get so out of hand.

  • r
    realchef1-1 week ago

    Fuck that little cunt give me the car that bitch can walk

  • D
    DACC55-1 week ago

    I think you will see that girl on that couch from earlier.

  • d
    duttry98-1 week ago

    Is this for fucking real?